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Bridalveil Fall_22874
Bridalveil Fall_22923
Cheery Light On A Dreary Day_22868
El Capitan In Clouds_22861
El Capitan In Clouds_22904
El Capitan In Clouds_22905 (crop)
El Capitan In Clouds_22905
El Capitan In Clouds_22910
El Capitán Near Sunset_22913
Fog-filled Yosemite Valley_22827
Fog-filled Yosemite Valley_22841
Foggy Yosemite Valley_22864
Frosty Leaves_23223
Frosty Log_23450
Giant Sequoias_22826
Giant Sequoia_22822
Half Dome Swathed in Clouds_22883
Half Dome_23327
Lost In The Clouds_22916
Merced River Rapids_23380
Merced River_23271
Peaking Through The Clouds_22885
Small Rapids_23371
Small Rapids_23373
Snow-crowned Half Dome_23254
Upper Yosemite Falls_23249
Wawona Tunnel_23194
Yosemite Fog_22845
Yosemite Meadow_23290
Yosemite Valley - Morning_23187
Yosemite Valley - Morning_23206
Yosemite Valley Chapel_23245
Yosemite Valley Shrouded in Clouds_22878
Yosemite Valley Shrouded in Clouds_22880
Yosemite Valley Shrouded in Clouds_22891
Yosemite Valley_22849
Yosemite Valley_22862
Yosemite Valley_22869
Yosemite Valley_22918-20
Yosemite Valley_22919v2
Yosemite Valley_23270
Yosemite Valley_23277
Yosemite Valley_23284
Yosemite Valley_23293
Yosemite Valley_23405
Yosemite Valley_23414

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