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Afternoon Sunrays_46039
Anhinga Drying Its Wings_45232
Anhinga Drying Its Wings_45479
Anhinga Drying On A Cypress_25610
Anole Lizard On A Leaf_46189
Backlit Egret_26370
Backlit Spanish Moss_25649
Bayou Teche_26343
Breaux Bridge Building_46061
Breaux Bridge Louisiana_26339
Breaux Bridge_26290
Breeding Egrets
Brownell Carillon Tower 45897-8
Brownell Park_45900
Cattle Egret_46630
Cloud At Sunset_25684
Cloud Of Cormorants_25642
Court House_45911
Cypress & Spanish Moss_26434
Cypress & Spanish Moss_26444
Dawn Over The Pond_46007
Dawn Takeoff_26586
Eagle In Flight_45216
Egret & Heron In Flight_26214
Egret & Heron In Flight_26215
Egret & Heron In Flight_26216
Egret & Heron In Flight_26217
Egret At Lake Martin_26678
Egret Beside A Cypress_26442
Egret Fishing At Sunrise_45424
Egret In A Tree_25516
Egret In Flight_25553
Egret In Flight_26213
Egret In Flight_26241
Egret In Flight_26404
Egret In Flight_45544
Egret In Flight_45737
Egret In Flight_46439
Egret In Lake Martin_26207
Egret On A High Perch_45524
Egret On The Shore_25960
Egret Pair In Flight_45499
Egret With A Catch_45745
Evangeline Oak 45647-52
Evangeline Oak Boughs_45389
Evangeline Oak_45388-91
Fire In The Sky_25359
First Flap To Flight_46084
Fishing Pond At Night_46054
Foggy First Light_45766
Foggy Lake Martin Dawn_26512-14
Foggy Lake Martin Sunrise_26798
Foggy Lake Martin_26746
Foggy Lake Martin_45778
Foggy Lake Martin_45787
Gathering Nest Material_46754
Great Egret_25344
Heading Out_25350
Heron On A Branch_45884
Heron On A Log_46145
Heron Walking A Log_45841
Heron Yawn_45879
Killdeer In Flight_45750
Lake Martin At Dawn_26055
Lake Martin At Sunrise 45855-6
Lake Martin At Sunrise_25369
Lake Martin At Sunrise_45441
Lake Martin At Sunrise_45833
Lake Martin At Sunrise_46431-2
Lake Martin Cypress_26130
Lake Martin Dawn_26019
Lake Martin Dawn_46648
Lake Martin Dawn_46686
Lake Martin Fishers_45848
Lake Martin In Foggy Sunrise_26202
Lake Martin Light In First Light_46645
Lake Martin Morning_25870
Lake Martin Morning_25950
Lake Martin Sunrise Fog_26049
Lake Martin Sunrise_45810
Lake Martin Sunrise_45827
Lake Martin Sunrise_46663
Lake Martin_25424
Lake Martin_25430
Lake Martin_26192
Lake Martin_26234
Lake Martin_45453-5
Lake Martin_45466
Lake Martin_46115
Little Brown Bird_45320
Little Brown Bird_45321
Little Brown Bird_45322
Lone Cypress_26802
Louisiana Backroad_46154
Lovebird Swallows_46201
Lurking Gator_45725
Maison Olivier Bedchamber_46493-5
Maison Olivier Dining Room 46486-7
Mist On Lake Martin_26109
Misty Lake Martin At Sunrise_25710
Misty Lake Martin At Sunrise_25742
Misty Lake Martin At Sunrise_25754
Misty Lake Martin Sunrise_25802
Misty Lake Martin Sunrise_25820
Misty Lake Martin_26661
Moon Over Lake Martin_25532
Morning Fog On Lake Martin_26084
New Iberia House_46289
Night Heron Landing_45574
Peek-a-Boo Egret_26699
Pied-billed Grebe_26366
Red Doors_26373
Snowy Egret In Flight_25676
Spanish Moss_26268
Spoonbill In Flight_45870
Spoonbill In Flight_45961
St Bernard Catholic Church_26295
St Martin de Tours Church_45687
Straw Broom_46537
Straw Broom_46537crop
Sunrise Departure_26549
Sunrise Mist_26387
Sunrise Reflection_26667
Sunset At Poche's_26358
Texas Longhorn_46523
The Bridge In Breaux Bridge_26308
The Egret Is Flying_45301
The Egret Is Landing_45302
Three Egrets In A Tree_26248
Two Cormorants_26254
Two Perched Egrets_26260

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