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Autumn Along The Trace_24542
Autumn Along The Trace_24595
Autumn Field_24741-2
Autumn Leaves_24813
Autumn Tobacco Barn_24793
Autumn Tobacco Barn_24795 (psIR)
Autumn Tobacco Barn_24795 (psIR-tint)
Autumn Tobacco Barn_24795
Autumn Tobacco Barn_24798 (pIR)
Autumn Tobacco Barn_24798
Autumn Trail_24540
Autumn Trees_24684
Autumn Trees_24688
Autumn Trees_24805
Backlit Autumn Trees_24548
Cypress Base_25105
Cypress Swamp In Autumn_25093
Cypress Swamp In Autumn_25111
Cypress Swamp In Autumn_25111art
Cypress Swamp In Autumn_25112
Cypress Swamp In Autumn_25113
Cypress Swamp In Autumn_25128
Cypress Swamp_25115
Divided Highway_24848
Duck River Valley View_24745
Equestrian Passerby_24649
Equestrian Passersby_24658
Metal Ford On The Buffalo River_24803
Natchez Trace Parkway Bridge_24549
Natchez Trace Parkway Bridge_24553
Natchez Trace Parkway In Autumn_24535
Natchez Trace Parkway_24577
Natchez Trace Parkway_24620
Natchez Trace Parkway_25088
Split Rail Fence & Two Trees_24697
Swamp Photographer_25136
Tennessee River Bridge_24886
Tennessee River Bridge_24890
The Old Trace_24633
The Old Trace_25065
Tobacco Barn Door_24776
Tobacco Curing_24781
Unknown Soldiers_24992

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