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Photographing the beauty of nature (and anything else that catches my eye)

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Autumn Sumac Leaves_23522
Autumn Sumac Leaves_23563
Autumn Trees At Sunrise_09738
Beached Flowerpot_23533
Birds On The Beach_09278
Cloud Over Lake Erie_23223
Clouded Sunset_09479-80
Clouds Over Lake Erie_09282-3
Clouds Over Lake Erie_09493
Cloudy Sunrise_23578
Cold Front Arrival_23506
Duck In Flight_09488
Duck In Flight_09489
Ducks In Flight_09466
End Of The Kiteboarder's Day_23925
Fallsview Casino Under Falls Mist_DSCF05985
Freighter At Sunset_23394
Geese Taking Flight_51928
Incoming Storm Clouds_23842
Lake Erie At Dawn_09606
Lake Erie At Sunrise_09370-1
Lake Erie At Sunset_09295
Lake Erie At Sunset_23335
Lake Erie Birches Near Sunset_23921
Lake Erie Evening_23498
Lake Erie Morning_23500
Lake Erie Reflection_23239
Lake Erie Sunrise_09614
Lake Erie Sunrise_23462
Lake Erie Sunrise_23704
Lake Erie Sunrise_23753
Lake Erie Sunset_09332
Lake Erie Sunset_09341
Lake Erie Sunset_23447
Lake Freighter At Sunset_23339
Moon Over Sherkston Quarry_09447
Niagara Falls At Night_DSCF05966-9
Niagara Falls At Sunset_DSCF05904
Niagara Rainbow_DSCF05886
Niagara SkyWheel_DSCF05891
Not Much Of A Sunrise_23589
Old Fort Erie At Sunrise_09742
Point Abino Lighthouse At Sunrise_51954
Point Abino Lighthouse_51932-5
Point Abino Light_23551
Quarry Reflection_09391-2
Renegade Sumac Leaf_23774
Sherkston Quarry At First Light_09455
Sherkston Quarry_09440-4
Sherkston Quarry_09462-4
Sherkston Shipwreck_23554
Sinking Into The Clouds_23974
Sinking Into The Clouds_23977
Skylon Tower At Night_DSCF05980
Sparrow In Autumn Color_51914
Sun Over Lake Erie_09274
Sunset Clouds_23982
Surf's Up_23907
Surf's Up_23988
Wading Bird In Flight (crop)_23957
Wading Bird_23952
West Street_09774
Windsurfing At Sunset_23937

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