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Chapel Candles_43728-31
Chapel Candles_43728-31BW
Chapel Candles_43728-31Sep
Chapel Interior_43719-20
Chapel Interior_43735-37
Fannin Memorial Monument_44073
Fountain Pepsi Sold Here_33869
Golden-fronted Woodpecker_44362
Golden-fronted Woodpecker_44367
Goliad Hanging Tree_43988
Goliad Trees_43700
Goliad Trees_43700art
Lawyer's Sign_33868
Mission Bell Tower At Night_44096
Mission Bench_43431
Mission Candles_33828
Mission Ceiling_33844-5
Mission Detail_33827
Mission Espiritu Santo 43685
Mission Espiritu Santo 43938-9
Mission Espiritu Santo 44111
Mission Espiritu Santo 44144-5
Mission Espiritu Santo At Dusk_44438
Mission Espiritu Santo At Night_44098
Mission Espiritu Santo_33771-3
Mission Espiritu Santo_43332-4
Mission Espiritu Santo_43376
Mission Espiritu Santo_43504
Mission Espiritu Santo_43517-8
Mission Espiritu Santo_43617
Mission Espiritu Santo_44433
Mission Room_33799-801
Mission Window_33815
Mission Window_43553
Open Door_33822
Presidio La Bahia Grounds_43816-9
Presidio La Bahia_33753
Presidio La Bahia_43785
Presidio La Bahia_43796-8
Presidio La Bahia_44231
Presidio La Bahia_44256
Presidio La Bahia_44277
Shadow Tree_43943
Texas Longhorn_44163
Under The Overpass_43923
Zaragoza Birthplace_33706-9

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