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Photographing the beauty of nature (and anything else that catches my eye)

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'Piering' Into A Dawn Fog_47213
Avocets In Flight_42418A
Black-necked Stilts_41967
Blue-winged Teal_41972
Common Loon_43218
Cormorant With Catch_53715v2
Duck At Rest_41945
Heron Head_36024
Heron In Flight_46253
Lydia Ann Channel Light_36151
Northern Shoveler_41950
Pelican Closeup_36147
Pelican Eye_42018
Pelican Parade_47334
Pied-billed Grebe_42117
Pier In First Light Fog_41746
Pier In First Light Fog_47207
Playing 'Race The Ship'_36164
Playing 'Race The Ship'_42198
Playing 'Race The Ship'_42205
Playing 'Race The Ship'_42222
Playing 'Race The Ship'_42227
Red Leaf_36016
Reddish Egret_36094
Roseate Spoonbill In Flight_43204
Roseate Spoonbill In Flight_43205
Tern In Flight_43198
Tricolor Closeup_40925
Tricolored Heron Head_43161
Turbulent Dawn_41751
Two Coots_40782

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