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Each link below (color titles) will take you to a page of small thumbnail images that are linked to larger images. The master high resolution files of the photos taken by me contain at least three times more data and are available to family and friends for the asking and are otherwise protected by copyright.

My less personal photos can be viewed in my PBase galleries by clicking here. Titles there with double colons indicate a gallery within the gallery being viewed.


Nick's College Graduation
Photos taken during the college graduation of Sandra's nephew and godson, Nicholas..

Luke Gallery 1
The first photos of our grandson Luke, taken mostly by his parents on and shortly after May 15, 2006 at Methodist Riverside Hospital, Columbus, Ohio.

LIllian Gallery 1
The first gallery of photos of our granddaughter Lillian, taken mostly by her parents.

Stanley Family Visits 2004
Photos taken with members of my mother's family during a stay in Mollie, North Carolina.

Ian & Tracy's Wedding
Photos taken when my son Ian married Tracy in the Cox Arboretum, Dayton, Ohio on May 22, 2004..

June 2003 Trip to Ohio
Photos taken during our trip to Ohio, June 2003 to see the latest new grandchild and to attend the Wolford Reunion.

Faith Gallery 1
The first photos of our granddaughter Faith taken mostly by her parents on and shortly after May 28, 2003 at Methodist Riverside Hospital, Columbus, Ohio.

Caden Gallery 4
Photos taken of our grandson Caden Wolford, mostly by his parents.

Grandpa's Grace Gallery 1
Photos of my first grandchild, Grace Fern Bylaw, daughter of my daughter and born October 27, 2000 in Columbus, Ohio.


The links below take you to pages of art conversions made from applying techniques I developed in Photoshop to select photos. These conversion techniques produce very credible watercolor, impasto, impressionist, and oil on canvas painting effects. Since watercolor and impasto produce the best results, most of the images in the links below were made using those two techniques.

Other Art
Artistic effects applied to miscellaneous select photos taken over many years.

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