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I thought I'd share another thought with you on the terrorist action of September 11 and the US reaction to it.
    It occurs to me that if what the terrorists say is true, that they are attacking the US to force us out of the Middle East, then the US can't give in to them, no matter what it takes, no matter what they do, even if it turns out that they are behind the current anthrax attacks, of which I have little doubt. The reason why the US can't give in or concede anything to them is quite simple - what they are doing is nothing more than extortion (closely related to blackmail) and everyone should know from watching TV that giving in to people like this never solves the problem. Once they know they can extort something out of you, they will never leave you alone, always coming back with more demands.
    So they leave the free world with no choice but to go after them and remove them from society. It is the only way, otherwise they will be in control rather than our governments and that prospect is simply intolerable. hmmmph!

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