Rights to use my photographs are sold royalty-free with prices determined by image quality, size, and resolution, currently ranging from USD$20 for low resolution (web usage or the basis for a work of art) to USD$135 for highest quality and resolution (publication)*.

The vast majority of my photos posted online were shot with 8, 10, or 15 megapixel DSLR cameras, so some photos are 8MP, some 10MP, and others 15MP, as well as some are crops of those sizes. This table lists pricing for the full-resolution files, pixel counts, sizes at 300 dpi, 200 dpi, and the realistic maximum size one could expect to printout for those respective resolutions (keeping viewing distance in mind**).


Resolution Price Pixels Size @ 300dpi Size @ 200dpi Realistic max size
8 MP USD$100 3504 x 2336 11.68” x 7.787” 17.52” x 11.68” 30” x 20”
(29.67 x 19.78 cm) (44.5 x 29.67cm) (75 x 50 cm)
10 MP USD$110 3888 x 2592 12.96” x 8.64” 19.44” x 12.96” 33” x 22”
(32.91 x 21.95 cm) (49.38 x 32.92 cm) (84 x 56 cm)
15 MP USD$135 4752 x 3168 15.84” x 10.56” 23.76” x 15.84” 40” x 27”
(40.23 x 26.82 cm) (60.35 x 40.23 cm) (100 x 67 cm)

* Prices for multiple shots stitched together will be proportionately higher due to their higher resolution.
Prices for cropped or scaled down versions of the full resolution files will be proportionately lower.

Due to limitations arising from me traveling full-time...

1. I can sell image files only (sorry, I can’t do printouts)
2. All communications and delivery of files can be via email only
3. Due to bandwidth limits, files can be in JPEG format only (but at a high quality setting)
4. Payment is via PayPal (no other way is practical for me)

To purchase rights to my images...

For each image you are interested in, please specify these three things in an email...

1. Image title,
2. Image URL,
3. Size and resolution required.

Files will be sent immediately after, and only after, receipt of payment and by making payment, the purchaser agrees that rights to use my images are sold royalty-free, but may be used only by the purchaser or purchaser’s company, are not transferable, may not be resold by the purchaser or purchaser’s company, and may not be posted to the internet larger than 800 pixels on the long side.

A lot of time, effort, and expense have gone into shooting my photographs and processing them, so rights to use them, without exception, will be granted only under the conditions and monetary considerations listed above. This includes not only the photos themselves, but any representation of them, such as electronic manipulations or using them as a basis for paintings.

Also, please note...

While I try to spend as much time as possible at my computer, because I do travel so much and when not traveling am out often for hours a day shooting new photos, I am unable to guarantee same day service. I will always try to accommodate tight schedules whenever I can, but this simply isn’t always possible.

** Larger Image Size Considerations

When viewing distance is taken into consideration (i.e. larger images such as posters are viewed from a greater distance than publications such as magazines which are held much closer to the eye) files from digital cameras can be output at larger sizes with at a lower pixels per inch setting without an appreciable loss of effective detail, all depending on how fussy a person is and what the intended viewing distance is.

With that said, I will scale up images upon request, but since this takes additional time and effort, there will be an additional charge for this service that will be negotiated depending upon the specifics of the request. Keep in mind, commercial establishments providing printouts will do this for you as part of the cost of the large printout.