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Photographing the beauty of nature (and anything else that catches my eye)

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2TB Photo Archive_02358
A Dying Breed_00074-6
A Dying Breed_02481-4
A Dying Breed_22206-10
A Dying Breed_22914-6
A Dying Breed_22930
A Head For Photography_01344
Apex Jazz Band Contrabass_P1020745
Arboretum Autumn_00285
Autumn Along Irish Creek_23104
Autumn Backroad_22857
Autumn Backroad_22857art
Autumn Backroad_22861
Autumn Backroad_22962-3
Autumn Backroad_22996
Autumn Backroad_23231
Autumn Backroad_23259
Autumn Backroad_23262
Autumn Barn_02020
Autumn Barn_23582
Autumn Barn_24052
Autumn Barn_24195
Autumn Beaver Dam_23399
Autumn Bird Box_00014
Autumn Cemetery_24101
Autumn Landscape_00480
Autumn Landscape_23416
Autumn Landscape_24188
Autumn Marsh_22974
Autumn Marsh_22978
Autumn Marsh_23278-80v2
Autumn Marsh_23412
Autumn Parking Lot_24047
Autumn Road_23322
Autumn Split-rails_23460
Autumn Sumac_23542
Autumn Tree-Lined Road_00496
Autumn Trees_23248-9
Autumn Tree_00311-2
Autumn Tree_00323
Autumn Wolford Chapel_23913-4
Backroad At Sunrise_01373-4
Barn At First Light_00721-33
Barn With Two Lights_22284-93
Best Inn At First Light_02397-406
Birch Lane_02027
Canal Lights On A Foggy Night_01720-2
Canal Lights On A Foggy Night_01720-2BW
Cedar Grove Trail_23483
Cedar Grove Trail_23490
Chaffey's Mill At Sunrise_01180
Church At Autumn_23500
Church At First Light_00600-3
Church Doors_01022.5
Church Door_01621
Dawn Headlights_22678
Desktop Still Life_00093
Dewy Spider Web_22428
Distant Fog_00961
Dock Light_00123-8
Dripping Rust_01570-1
Empty Parking Lot At Daybreak_00804
Fading Fall Foliage_00487
Fading Flower Of Fall_00258
Fallen Leaf_01845-6
Field Of Birch_02530
Fireball Sunset_22345
First Baptist Church_22901-4
First Christmas Lights_01636-42
First Ice_01377
Fishers Heading Out_22514
Fishing A Misty River_22528
Foggy Lighted Laneway_01747-9
Foggy Night In The Park_01705-7
Foggy Rideau Canal_00977
Foggy Rideau Canal_22490
Foggy Rideau Canal_22684
Foggy Street_00189-91
Foggy Sunrise_22438
Foggy Sunrise_22672-3
Frosty Chain_01386-8
Geese On Otter Lake_02314
Gemmels Point At Sunrise_01409-11
Green & Gold Fields_00702
Green Barn At Sunrise_22753
Half Full_P1020664-6bw
Half Full_P1020664-6sep
House Beside Otter Creek_24265
Incoming Storm_22755-6
Irish Creek At Sunrise_01895-7
Irish Creek Foggy Sunrise_23926
Irish Creek Sunrise_01885-6
Irish Creek Sunrise_02348-51
Iron Bridge_01229
Jones Falls Basin_23995-6
Jones Falls Penstocks_24027
Juice Glass Shadows_02389-90
Kilmarnock Bridge Repair_02372.6
Lake Reflection At Sunrise_01220
Lakeside Cottage At Sunrise_01823-5
Landscape At Sunrise_00475
Landscape At Sunset_02054
Late Autumn Backroad_02414
Leaning Barn_00491
Lifting Fog_22560
Light At The End Of A Road_22216
Light At The End Of A Road_22234-7
Lights Across The Water_22793-4
Local Heroes_01741-3
Lock Gate Waterfall_00249-51
Lockmaster's House At Night_00171-3
Lockmaster's House At Sunset_23184-6
Lockmaster's House In First Light_22650-4
McMillan Building At First Light_02214-6
Merrickville Ruins At Sunrise_01587-8
Millar Brooke Lane_24163
Mist On The River_23961
Misty Marsh At Sunrise_23893
Mooney's Bay Autumn_P1020972
Municipal Christmas Tree_01915-20
Night Light_01654-61
Nighttime in the Switching Yard_01158
Opinicon Lake At Sunrise_01207-8
Orange Blueberry Stand_23603
Otter Creek At Sunrise_23889-91
Otter Creek At Sunset_02169
Otter Lake At Sunrise_01448
Otter Lake At Sunrise_01449
Otter Lake At Sunrise_02323
Overgrown Fence_02532
Park At Dark_01774-6
Park Monument_00198-200
Parking Lot At Night_00071-3
Pedestrian Underpass_01732-4
Perth Gazebo_00985-8
Poonamalie Outbuilding_23122
Public Library At Night_00240-2v2
Pumpkin Stem_22828
Red Barn At Sunrise_22583-7
Reflected Bridge Lights_23344
Rideau Canal At Sunrise_00711
Rideau Canal At Sunrise_21816
Rideau Canal Autumn_23032-3
Rideau Canal Autumn_23517-8
Rideau Canal Foggy Sunrise_00923
Rideau Canal On A Foggy Night_00210-2
Rideau Canal Sunrise Solar Pillar_01415-7
Rideau Canal Sunrise_00440
Rideau Canal Sunrise_00452-4
Rideau Canal Sunrise_02136
Rideau Canal Sunrise_02147-9
Rideau Canal Sunrise_22027-8
Rideau Canal Sunrise_22263-4
Rideau Canal Sunrise_22613-5
Rideau Canal Sunrise_22628-9
Rideau Canal Sunrise_22760
Rideau Canal Sunrise_22808-10
Rideau Canal Sunrise_23447-50
Rideau Canal Sunrise_24240-1
Rideau Canal Sunrise_24308
Rideau Canal Sunset_02082
Rideau Canal Sunset_23156
Rideau River Sunrise_00680
Rosedale Creek Sunrise_01977-8
Russell Street East_00065-7
Russell Street East_00068-70
Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge_22817
Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge_23193-6
Sheep Barn_00271
Slowly Sinking Shack_24066
St Edwards Church_23318
St James Anglican Church_23382-5
St James At Night_01040-5
St John Catholic Church_02192-7
Station Theatre Board_01171-3
Stone Arch Dam_24034
Sunrise Clouds_01841-2
Sunrise On Roses Bridge Causeway_22332
Sunrise River Mist_00887
Swayback Barn_01248
The Swale At Sunrise_01275
The Swale At Sunrise_01909
Train Station At Night_01138-40
Transmission Lines At Sunrise_22432
Tree Shadows_01357
Trees In Fog & Frost_00946
Two Front Lights_22645
Water Tower In A Fog_00204-6
Westport Harbour Bridge_01347

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