Logo Designs Gallery
First Edition, 2001/02/26

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ME_Logo Mitel_on_Board_Logo MVV_Logo NHP_Logo Omni_Design_Group_Logo Phone_Improvements_Logo
PK_Logo Power_Up_Logo Project_150_Logo Radicall_Logo Shadow_Crafts_Logo Silicon_Valley_North_Logo
Spotlight_On_Logo Super_Subway_Logo Talking_Technologies_Logo UDS_Logo Unknown_Logo Village_Gallery_Logo

Due to circumstances and the age of some of these logos, it was not practical or possible to obtain permission to post some of them.
Therefore if you currently own the rights to any of these logos and object to them being presented here, please email me by clicking on my name below.

Copyright © 2001 by Gordon L Wolford, Mitel Semiconductor, Mitel Corporation,
and the respective holders of logos owned by other parties. All rights reserved.