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Site Development History

Renamed Northern News to Nomads News and updated the News page masthead accordingly.

Preliminary reworking of the site for moving to NewsGuy as its host.

Finished replacing major 'mailto' links with javascripts to avoid email harvesters and removing minor 'mailto' links.

News page masthead updated and minor reorganization.

Site URLs changed from .html extensions to .shtml.

Added Intro page.

Added background sidebar tiles to most pages.

Began adding Cascading Style Sheets to the site where needed.

Added the first section of portfolio images to the Work page.

Parting Thot added to the News page.

Added News Archive in order to keep the News page a manageable length.

Feedback feature added to News page.

Reposted all the remaining Photo and 'Art' galleries that were originally on my 'old' Apple iTools site and had to be removed due to space limitations.

Reformatted the Photo Galleries so they all display thumbnails 6 colums by 4 rows instead of 4 columns by 5 rows. This makes more efficient use of display space. In other words, you'll now see more thumbnails at a time.

As I had hoped to be able to do, yesterday and early this morning, I finally had time to make quite a few additions and improvements to the site here.

In addition to the new Gracie photo page I added last week, containing digital photos sent to me by Grace's parents, this morning I also added some of the image galleries posted on my previous Apple iTools site.

And, several links were added to the Links page and banners on the Photos and Links pages were updated.

A little weather feature was added to this page which I will try to update at least daily because I know family and friends farther south take fiendish delight in seeing just how awful winter in Ottawa can get - as much fiendish delight as I will take in showing them just how gorgeous it gets up here in the summer.

Real art drawn by my very hand on my Graphire tablet was added to Crafts & Work page banners as well as photos of Sandra's crafts added to her Crafts page.

So if you haven't been here for a few days, go surf the site and see these things for yourself.

Gordon L Wolford